People mostly ignore their joint health until it starts hurting. People understand the importance of joints only when they tend to experience the excruciating pain. The stiffness and pain constantly hinder a person from performing regular activities like going for a walk in the park or getting some groceries or to visit their favorite places. When afflicted with joint pain most people limit their activity which is exactly what they should not do. Limiting your movement may cause muscle weakness and worsen the condition even more.

Joint pain does not need to have a hold on your life. You can attempt to bring your life back to normal by performing some workouts to relieve or even circumvent the joint pain. Studies also suggest that regular workouts can greatly pacify the symptoms of arthritis as arthritis treatment and exercises go hand in hand. Taking pain medications like soma and tramadol may give temporary relief from pain but when one needs to free themselves permanently from pain, one needs to be working out. In addition, exercises can also help you to increase tolerance and flexibility and the best side effect of exercising is a reduction in weight. Below, we list the joint pain relief workouts that can be performed by elderly and young people alike.

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Stretch Away

Stretching is one of the excellent ways to keep your mobility and curtail stiffness in your joints. Starting from head to toe below are some of the stretching workouts that need to be included in the routine.

  • Gentle neck stretches – Starting from the right side slowly rotate your head clockwise and after completing a full circle rotate the head anti-clockwise again. Repeat this step 3 times.
  • Stretches for your wrists – Move your wrists outward away from your body while rotating them in the clockwise direction, then move your wrists back towards your body again but this time with an anti-clock movement of the wrists. Repeat this step 3 times.
  • Ankle workout – Stand with your feet shoulder-width distance apart, lift your right leg and rotate your right ankle in clock-wise direction 3 times followed by anti-clockwise direction 3 times. Repeat the same for the left leg.

Water workouts

Water can be a supportive assistance and provide great relaxation in your joints. Aquatic exercises are very soothing because the body weight is supported by water. Besides, if the exercises are done in warm water the stiffness will also be greatly reduced. Water workouts are also cardiovascular in nature and hence it helps to improve the health of your heart as well. Take your walking routines in the pool instead of on the road. Other joint pain relief exercises that can be done in the water include

  • Aerobic exercises
  • Yoga, tai chi and Pilates
  • Use floating belts to do sit-ups, mild running or jogging in the water

However, before doing all these exercises it is important to do warm-up exercises on land or in water. You can do swim laps for warm exercises in water.

Weight-lifting workouts

Joints can be spared from the strain if your muscles are strong. So muscle strengthening workouts also play a key role in relieving joint pain. Stronger muscles also help you to perform your daily activities much better. So fret not and start lifting those weights.

  • Initially start only with lower weight from 2 to 6 lbs. You can gradually build your endurance levels and move on to lifting heavy weights.
  • You could also do the weightlifting exercises in water if you wish to. Implement floating dumbbells in such scenarios and put pressure on your muscles by pulling the dumbbells down and slowing letting them float up.

Joint Pain afflicted individuals are advised to undertake these workouts, as these are proven ways to get relief from arthritis pain naturally and by practicing these ones can overcome joint pain in no time.