Yes, (COD) Cash on delivery option is available in the online pharmacies when you order Tramadol online. Many people are choosing this COD method now because by using this method you don’t need to pay at the time of the order, you can pay once you got the package in your hand. Here you will come to know how to find whether an online pharmacy has this payment option and how to place an order.

Steps to get the Tramadol medicine with COD option: 

Here are a few steps involved while placing the Tramadol(pain relief medication) online order.

1) Choose a legitimate online pharmacy:

The first step that should be followed by customers is a search for an online pharmacy that is operating in a legitimate manner. The standard pharmacy sells authentic Tramadol online that is approved by FDA. Choosing the right pharmacy is always a tedious process, but this could be simplified by looking for few credentials and factors and reviews.

2) Buying Tramadol with Cash on Delivery option:

Next, you have to check whether the chosen online pharmacy provides a COD delivery option to the customers. If it so, let’s start the steps to order tramadol online.

3) Verify the credentials of the online pharmacy:

Before getting Tramadol medication through the selected drug store verify the credentials such as they are licensed and registered in pharmacy location and the location where the patient is located. This step is considered as the important step as it reduces the risk of legal issues.

4) Create a login account: 

Once you verify the credentials the next step is to create an account with the portal by using a unique username and password. You can login to your account anytime and access any information that is needed for you.

5) Place your Tramadol order:

Pick the Tramadol dose of your choice and the number of pills that is needed for your treatment. Before placing the order, you have to upload a valid prescription that is given by licensed health care professional. The trusted pharmacy existing in online or offline will never provide medication without a proper prescription. Some pharmacies offer an online prescription to get Tramadol.

6) Choose the method of delivery: 

Prior to proceeding with the payment, choose the available delivery option of your choice. You can either select normal business days, fast delivery and express or overnight delivery of Tramadol. Once, you have picked the option, select the mode of payment. The different mode of payments could be credit card, debit card, money transfer method and (COD) cash on delivery option. In that section choose COD option. After that, it will ask you to enter the delivery address where you need to place the order. After that, you can see your order is confirmed. Save the invoice for the future use, then within a couple of days based on your delivery method your package will reach you. As we said above, at the time of getting the package only you need to pay.

As I said many people are choosing COD option nowadays for several reasons which are, They like to pay only after receiving the package Or they are afraid to share their credit cards or e-wallet details through the other portals. Also, some newbies who are new to the online shopping also try to use this method for the first time to ensure these stores’ product delivery and reliability Whatever it is still many of them have a lot of queries of Getting Tramadol online using COD method hope this guide is helpful for them.